About our program

Welcome to the website of Macquarie University's Palaeobiology program. Macquarie is the only university in Australia to offer a bachelor's degree major in this field that offers training in geobiology, invertebrate palaeontology, and vertebrate palaeontology while teaching a broad range of specimen-based and analytical methods.

Our program is housed in the departments of Biological Science and Earth & Planetary Sciences on the North Ryde campus. Faculty members include John Alroy, Glenn Brock, Dorrit Jacob, and Matthew Kosnik and our group also includes ARC DECRA Fellow Graeme Lloyd. Our group maintains a joint publications list.

We offer higher degrees at the masters and PhD levels in addition to the palaeobiology major for undergraduates. Undergraduate units include the History of Life, Reef Evolution and Dynamics, and Evolutionary Palaeobiology. We have extensive lab facilities and we host a variety of databases such as Fossilworks and the Ecological Register. We welcome inquiries from all interested students and professional researchers.