Dorrit Jacob

Dorrit Jacob is an ARC Future Fellow and Associate Professor in Macquarie University's Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences. She holds an undergraduate degree in Mineralogy and Geology from Johannes Gutenberg-University (Mainz, Germany) and a PhD from the Georg-August University (Göttingen, Germany)

Dr Jacob's research focuses on unraveling the micro- and nano-architecture and composition of skeletal hard parts of marine organisms in order to understand the pathways of biomineralization. Her background is in mineralogy and geochemistry but her research has a strong interdisciplinary component breaching across all natural sciences. This is reflected by her students that have diverse backgrounds, such as (paleo-) biology, chemistry and geology. Dr Jacob's research uses state-of-the art in situ analytical methodologies such as Transmission Electron Microscopy, Electron backscatter diffraction, Raman Spectrometry and Laser-ablation ICP-MS.

She has a second research topic that deals with diamond genesis and geochemistry and evolution of the Earth's mantle.

For more information, visit Dr Jacob's website.