Julieta Martinelli

Julieta Martinelli is a PhD Candidate at the Conservation Palaeobiology Lab and Quantitative Ecology and Evolution Lab, Macquarie University. She graduated from Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina

During her PhD, Julieta explored questions related to biotic interactions and community ecology using molluscs from the southern Great Barrier Reef. She is also interested in dead shell assemblages and their application for Conservation Palaeobiology. As part of her previous background, Julieta studied drilling predation in molluscs along a latitudinal gradient in Patagonia, and has on-going collaborations looking at dead shell assemblage fidelity in the Atlantic coast of South America.

Overall, her broader research aim is to contribute to a better understanding of ecological questions that are of relevance to ecologists and palaeobiologists, by using marine molluscs as a study group. For more info and publications visit: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Julieta_Martinelli