Silvia Pineda-Munoz

Silvia is a PhD candidate in Macquarie University's Department of Biological Sciences.

She holds an undergraduate degree in Biology and a Master in Paleontology from the University of Barcelona.

As part of her research, Silvia has been collaborating with many institutions from all around the world. She is a research affiliate at Monash University, Melbourne, and has participated in many fieldwork excavations of the Institut Català de Paleontologia (ICP), in Catalonia. She also works with the Evolution of Terrestrial Ecosystems (ETE) program at the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC, where she was awarded with a Pre-Doctoral Research Fellowship.

Her current research focuses on tooth ecomorphology and macroevolutionary patterns in mammals. Silvia uses 3D scans of teeth surfaces to infer the diet of extinct mammals based on the shape of their teeth. She is also designing methods to use tooth morphology as an evolutionary proxy.