Palaeobiology Degree Requirements

Completion of a minimum of 24 credit points including the following prescribed units:

100 level

6 cp from BIOL114 Evolution and Biodiversity and BIOL115 The Thread of Life or 6 cp from GEOS112 The Planet Earth and GEOS126 Marine Geoscience.

200 level

BIOL263 Palaeontology: The History of Life and 3 cp from BIOL208 Animal Structure and Function, BIOL227 Ecology, or GEOS206 Marine Depositional Environments.

300 level

BIOL 381 Evolutionary Palaeobiology (capstone), BIOL379 Reef Evolution and Dynamics, BIOL399 Special Interest Topics in Biology, and 3 cp from BIOL316 Invertebrates: Evolution, Behaviour and Diversity, BIOL362 Freshwater Ecology, BIOL369 Vertebrate Evolution, BIOL373 Marine Ecology, GEOS309 Sediments, Liquid Fuels and Energy Security, GEOS375 Environmental Geology, or GEOS384 Earth and Planetary Sciences Special Interest Seminar.